Saturday, May 20, 2017

that feeling when you are sick and missing someone at the same time

Hey sick today..after long time not getting sick this helpless..and i miss my man so much..and no one taking care of me this time and no one siting beside me forcing to take my medicine and really want me to recover as fast and it can be..and i lost my voice a bit..and now only silent spoke out..and i dont feel comfortable at all..not as comfortable as i used to feel before..and yes when you are and your emotion are like they bind together..few times i end up cry for nothing..i wish i get well as fast as how i get sick..i wish my mood swing go away with the wind and im sweating for no reason..yes im having fever..thats the reason and aida become weak like 5 years old kids..😔🤧🤧

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

You know that feeling when u really want someone to be here right here with you but u cant ask for more..that feeling when u really dont want to let it go but u have to yourself strong that you dont make others upset..that feeling when u really want to see the person every second..but all u can do is look at the picture and talking alone how u miss the person..i feel all of iit..yes im not not strong aida..big girl not suppose to cry..