Sunday, June 10, 2018

Life Decision

Everyone in this world will be facing this situation where you need to make a decision for your life.
Some of us let other people make the decision for us and some might choose to make their own.
Sometimes you may be force to follow others decision in order to make sure everyone happy instead of making yourself happy.This is the part where someday you feel so freaking tired of listening to others voice instead of your own voice. Life is full of big moments and to make it worth you have to make a right decision in your eyes, not others because they won’t be the one who will be facing the problem later, its you!

Here some of advice on few big decision that you might be making J

1.       Choose a college major.
I can say this is the first part of decision making on most of everybody’s life. When your parent sent you to primary and secondary school, most of us didn’t bother to think
About what we going to do after school, we just busy wasting time with the friends, enjoy every moment, being naughty and some of us might enjoy being rebellious as well.
But when it comes on choosing a college major, this is where we may think twice on what course or major we want to take because it effects our future career. We have to know what we really want,
Some of us do but some don’t. As for myself, honestly I just want to be in college during that time and I have a little bit interest in taking some courses but end up following my parent’s will to study business instead. Some of us able to speak out but sadly no one willing to listen. So what I can say is, listen to what your kids really want to do, give a good advice by NOT forcing them. All of us have the ability to evaluate and analyze the information given, it will help them making their own decision. Believe me, when you give your kids the ability to make their own decision it will help them to become more independent and responsible of the outcome from the decision made.

2.       Decide on career.
This is very crucial thing for most of people, doesn’t matter if they are fresh graduate, people who look for a job or person who suddenly willing to work after long time being unemployed. Have you heard people said, people who love their job tend to perform better? When I just graduate, my parent want me to work at the bank, doesn’t matter which bank but yes,! At the bank, which honestly I really don’t have the feeling to work at the bank and counting others money, opss..dont get offended it just my personal opinion. You may need to understand more about yourself first before you know what kind job might be suitable with you and will make you happy doing it. Know what you enjoy the most, some people enjoy their alone time but some other might really enjoy meeting new people every day. Some of us feel good with the numbers and calculations some of us just like doing a normal plain paper work. You have to really get to know about yourself to you know what you really want to do. Some people find out what they like by accident and end up pursue it without hesitation and they succeed!

3.       Make a career change.
Experience make us matured. I started to work in finance department at one of international college and end up feeling this not what I want, honestly I know how to count the money better than others I guess but I just don’t feel like doing it. Then I switch to become a customer service in one of the airline company, this is where I get to know all the impatient people as well as manipulative people, honestly I enjoyed but suddenly I feel like I want to do something else and finally I found the job that I really want to do, I feel happy going to work every day, and I enjoy helping people around me, I like to learnt more on the law thingy which I believe it can help people and the company itself. I keep looking forward on what I can do the next day! You may need to have an experience first before you know what you really want. Career change might be bad for some people but for some others it might be good as well. When have experience working in the various department, we tend to understand more on how people feeling as well as how things work. It will help us a lot in our current job actually, for example if your current career need you to contact a hotel to make reservation, it you been working at hotel before, you might know on how to make thing faster or smoother from your side.

4.       Go back to school or get an advanced degree
This usually happened for women, where when they have stable career and feeling comfortable with what they are doing now, they tend to find other thing as a tools of achievement to them. Most of women will go for school or taking advanced degree. This will help to increase their value in terms of their personal profile, guess what bank also will look for this requirement if you wish to apply for loan, this is in Malaysia. Im not really sure how other country works on this. I don’t really have further explanation on this actually because for me myself, I go back to school for my degree because my mum wanted me to and as for my point of view its good did actually, no one can take your value but people can take other things from you. Having a degree will increase your value, but I didn’t say people without it doesn’t have value, everyone has their own specialty.  Don’t feel bad about yourself J

5.       Figure out where to live
Every people might have different kind of perception on this, some people enjoy living with their own company, far from others. But others might want to live at the place with so many people who cares about other people life as well. As for me, I have my own plan to live at the place where there is a lot of people but they just mind their own business don’t bother what others been doing. Just take care of their own life and family. There will be not much of drama, you know each other but you just don’t waste your time try to figure out things that people doesn’t want to let you know. I like this kind of living place, people busy building their own happiness in their way and they don’t bother you. Its good to be like that instead, and they don’t judge, everyone have their own struggle that you have no idea what it is, so just shut the door as well as your mouth J. I guess I can peace life.

6.       Rent or buy a house
Usually when people start to work and have their own life. They also need to manage their own financial as well. We usually start to rent a house first instead of straight away buy it. I would suggest to wait first until you feel like you really have the ability mentally and financially then you decide if you want to buy or not. This is because buying house is not a short term commitment, in Malaysia minimum house commitment can be at least 20 years, its like you spent the rest of your life paying it. So before you decide to buy a house, make sure you have sufficient balance and able to commit first. I can say rent a house will be cheaper instead of buying it. But it will depend on individual itself on how they make their arrangement on that.

7.       Who to go on date with
This one not hard thing for me, because im not that kind of women who want all thing to be perfect. Im trying to be perfect sometimes, but for me the right one will come to you one day and that time everything about him/her will look so perfect for you. Don’t put so much hope on finding the perfect one because it never exists, nobody is perfect. Partner is the one who make the other side perfect, they complete each other in different way. Some way that others can’t see but you can feel it. I would like to advice others to not being so judgmental on others choice. You don’t know who is your partner yet and you don’t know with who you going to spend the rest of your life with, people not perfect so do you! So stop judging and start thinking about your own miserable life. J

8.       Get married or not
This has become more personal to touch, but I try to make it more general on my side. For me this is the biggest decision in individual life as they need to make decision on their own without any pressure from people around them. This is about choosing who you want to be with you for the rest of your life and its not an easy decision to make. Some of us might facing a big headache when the family not agree with decision that we plan to make and when family decided to ditch you out. You need to try to calm down first and think wisely, as for the family especially parent, you may need to try to discuss and see what is your kids point of view, everything that we do or decided to do will have its own risk which the person willing to take or not. If they willing, from parent side they can still give an opinion by not trying to force in making final decision. Like I mention previously, its good to give freedom to your kids to make their own decision so they know that they are responsible for that decision made.

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Are you an extrovert person ?

All this while we are wondering what kind person is us. Same goes to me, sometimes I just wonder am I really me or there is other person hiding inside me who actually help me doing all the decision and reaction. From my own perspective, human actually reacts based on what kind situation they are facing at current time. However reaction might be different based on reaction that he/she had seen from other person all this while. To make it easy child usually growing up seeing how their parents live their life and MAYBE he/she will have same reaction or attitude just like his/her parents. Im not saying if parents not good at making decision or react to situation their kids also will be the same however, there is possibility.

Today I'll be describing one type of person called extrovert. This kind of people always been describe as talkative, sociable, action-oriented, enthusiastic, friendly, and out-going person on the positive side. However, on the negative side people usually describe them as attention seeker, easily attracted, and unable to spend time alone. I didn't say that if you are extrovert you didn't have any of introvert characteristic at all, some of us might have both of it like 50% of introvert and 50% of extrovert. So let's see if you have some of extrovert characteristic.

You might have no interest talking with people you know but have high interest in talking with strangers through social media. That will be one of characteristic that people might not realize sometimes. On the other hands, you might love to meet new people by going to new places. Usually people who love to travel will have this characteristic but when they comeback they will be the most silent people we know. However, introvert people tend to think so much before they talk which lead to a boring conversation and Im not saying extrovert doesn't think before they talk. They just more casual when it comes to talk.

Since extrovert love to talk a lot, we can't deny that they love to socialize with other as sitting alone make them feel so bored and lazy. Usually extrovert will have a big circle of friends or colleagues and they will always spend time chilling together because they love been surrounded with their favorite person. So for extrovert spending time alone will definitely not their thing. If you have extrovert friends, you are lucky because they will always have plan for you on weekend to make sure you are not sitting there alone and lazy. If you have one please appreciate them.

If you are someone like this, yes you are extrovert. Extrovert person do not like to be moody and angry. They just wanted to be happy and do whatever they like. However, when they are facing problem, they usually looking for some friends to actually discuss and ask for advise. If you are facing problem with them, no worries because extrovert will come and talk about it with you and make sure everything is done and back to normal again. Sometimes they also can be the middle person who settle your problem.

Usually extrovert person will be the one who do introduction for first meet up or maybe start new conversation that can lead to friendship. No worries if you are kind of shy person, be friend with extrovert and all you problem results of being shy will solved immediately. One more thing, if you go travel, please bring your extrovert friend so they can help you when thing didn't turn out as you planned by seeking help from local people. You also will have opportunity to meet new friends by having them beside you all the time.

Yes, this will be the best part of it. Extrovert will easily get new friends and make a new relationship as people will find they are very attractive because they are very open. This make people feel so comfortable with them. For a guy, being extrovert its like an extra value for them as if they being shy they unable to flirt girl they like. So can be said extrovert is actually credit for a guy but most of girl like introvert guy more :)

So that's few characteristic of extrovert person, but like I said people react based on condition and situation and most of us might not really extrovert or introvert we might be both. :)