Monday, May 1, 2017


hi stranger,,its been a long time.
and now i dont know how to start writing
anymore..yeah can be said life seem to be fine..
nothing much changed but people around us
keep changing without realizing that..
you know when people change but sometimes
you didn't realize that you, yourself are doing the same thing,,,
can be said myself also but i dont have idea which part
of me have change a lot..for a girl,,its really have to be
something very2 bad or very good happened to them
that make they changes,,either change to good side or
bad side..usually when people get hurt..yes they will change
a lot..i used to get hurt..either now also..sometimes..
and that change me a lot..people said when u used to get
hurt,,you will become,,its not..when u used to get hurt..
you will become more weak..and thats the reason why..
you will become more careful and try to not really care..
becoz the more you care the more you get hurt..
do you have any idea what life would be if its happened
as we wish..? i guess it will be more it ?
but it seems that His plan always the right one for us..
i always wonder if something didn't happened to me today..
it might happened tomorrow..good thing always take time..
yes i hope so..sometimes i feel disappointed about
what i already done and what i used to do..
even i know its wrong but still i did it..and feel regret..
always,,it always happened..there is a thing that better not to tell
i've always want someone to actually understand without listening..
know whats going on without asking..and know how to react
without me telling what should be done and how it should be done,,
but girls and imagination like a twin.they always have one..
the insane one..and im one of them..i know my post this time..
like nothing to be said here but still im writing my heart..
and its currently a bit messy and i dont know why..
have a good day~!

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