Sunday, October 2, 2016

life appraisal

hi guys,,wuuhuuu~!
i suddenly got idea what to wrote 
here when one of my friend
say something like this~!
'aida you so freaking annoying and
people still love you including me~!
hahahha..that make my day actually
hahaha..u know u dont have to pretend to be 
others as u are good enough as who u are..
unless u did something terrible then u have to 
make some changes on urself..hahaha..
u know human and life like performance
appraisal..u might think u are good enough..
but when something bad happen from what u did
u have to start to look into yourself..
look what u can do to make things right again..
or if things cant be change anymore.maybe can
prevent it to happen again..and for me..
thats how i do my life appraisal..hahaha..
oh aida..there's a lot u have to change to
make u better person..hahaha..omg~!
and people will love u the way u are..
be a very good girl/boy to your family..
be a good friends~!u might not always with them
but u are there whenever they need you..
vanish people who always dragged you into you failure
maybe into your past failure..who dont motivate you
hahahha..i think thats all for now..need to work on my
assignment..ahhaha..oppss..~!have a good day~! 

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