Sunday, September 11, 2016

Im back!

Hi guys!!! Its been a long time
i havent been not busy..
Just try to bring myself to the
place where im not belong to..
Sound weird is it..but nvm..
Its not important either..
Oh..why suddenly im here..
nothing much to tell..
Just that suddenly feel like
wanna be writer again..
Hahahah people said usually
writer is a silent person..
No im not,,previous life is
not easy for me..
And thats the reason im no
longer here for quite a long time..
But im glad its getting better now,,
Thank to whoever yg dh ada
masa senang susah tu..
And he is the one who
always encourage me,,
Doesnt matter bnda tu
baik ke tak..coz i guess
He trying to let me do my own
decision..U know that thing i
snt good for you,then whats
the point of asking others opinion..
hahaha and i think i have ignore
Quite many people untill now,,
tbh, the one who always give
Second chance,,if i ignore u..
means u have really too much..
From now on..mybe i will have
like certain significant thing
To be discuss here..its my opinion
and it doesnt means
Your opinion is wrong No..its just
what i think from my
Own observation.okay,.chill
and have a good day..
Will be back soon..just thinking
about good idea to be post here..

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