Tuesday, January 12, 2016


assalammualaikum wrh...
well hi all..how are yoou?
really hope all of u in a very good condition
well currently facing some sort of life problem
every person in this cruel world will face
a problem which sometimes u dont even know
how should u face this problem..
or even have no idea how to react with this
and so do i..facing the problem that..
sometimes i just feel like wanna go out of this world
for awhile just to find a peace..but someone used
to mention that u will only get peace when u die..
but are u really sure u will bcome peace when u die?
i dont think so bcoz wht u have done in this world
will be judge once u die..so u have to think twice
if u want to mention that u going to get peace when u die
it is not as easy as saying a word..
sometimes the thing suddenly settled without we knowing
what was the solution it is..it just came and go like a storm..
and we facing that thing with or without fear..yeah..still have to face it..
so thats all from this time..
have a pleasant day guys..see u soon..
love fancywriter

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