Tuesday, September 16, 2014

dear friend..yes you..yes..its you

asalamkum..hai..how are you..??
hope ALLAH always bless you
insyaallah..so wanna know about my
condition?..im fine...yes..im fine..
alhamdulillah..masih bernyawa..dan
masih boleh bernafas..so what else ?
emm entah laa..sometimes we tend to
run away from our past..from our big
mistake..yes..my big mistake..i always
wanna run from it..i wish i never make
the mistake..but i have done it..yes..
i did it..without knowing it will leave
the scratch in my life..yes..scratch..
so sudden i talk about the scratch..yes,,
its my mistake..the mistake that i did it..
dengan kehendak sendiri..dengan kemahuan
sendiri..nobody force me..but now..please..
leave me alone..i dont wanna to look back..
at you..seeing all the mistake..and all
the pain you have give..all the scratch you
have made..for me..to learn..yes i have learn
a lot..from you..yes..im a good learner..i have
learn everything..yes..many thing..more pain..
yes..the pain..yes..pain..that hurt me..terribly..
thanks for that..now..please..leave me..let me
be happy..with what i have now..never asked
me..why..and why..theres no answer..i just
wanna live my life..without feeling the pain..
anymore..please..if you still think that im your
friend..let me be happy..let me ride my journey
by myself..without you..walaupun i used to wish..
at the end of my journey..i will found you..
no more now..never..yes..since the pain hurt me
so much..i dont want to have that wish anymore..
if still think im your friend..please pray for me..
for my happiness..yes..pray..never stop.insyaallah..

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