Friday, February 14, 2014


asalamkum..wrh..hai..have been a good girl..?
hehe..of course..i used to be a good girl what..
hehe..ok i just wanna talk about..
actually..i have a lot to talk..yes..i am talkative..
you know what..human..always look for a good 
looking things..i wonder if the person not really.. she/he going to this..
cruel world..but..they dont know that..the one..
who decide for everything is not them..we have the 
most bigger Leader..which is ALLAH
why should be so judgemental?you are nothing..
without HIM.and one more thing..i wonder why 
people keep telling that memories is the best
part that we should have in our life..even we will
not always have a good memories..and sometimes 
memories can be the reason why the person cry..
suddenly...this is because..memories is the only..
things that does not change..even the entire world 
does..whether sometimes you might think that..
having a memories always make you wanna cry..
and sometimes you might wish to not have that..
at all..but is good to have memories..
because..memories sometime give you a good lesson
be an excellent teacher for you..and guide you..
to be more careful and give you and others chance..
to enter and leave your will..
only have the person in your heart..not in your world..
because they own by others..thats all from me..
have a nice day guys..may ALLAH bless..insyallah..

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