Saturday, November 9, 2013


asalamkum wrh..hai how are you?
really hope you are in very good condition..
i think i get a hyper tension ,,mungkin..hehe..
ok..have you ever feel awkward when you face
the person who used to stay by your side when
things get undone and be at your side when you feel
the rest of the world hate you??or you dont 
yeah i dont mind..but right facing this 
kind of situation where..the person are so different

and when im trying to just happened
like we are never know a stranger..maybe it is

what he/she want since long time ago..but..from
the bottom of my so sad and upset about
that..but i cant do anything..because it is their choice..
people come and go in our life..but so sad that 
the person who used to create a footprint in your heart
just leave like nothing happened before..but you have 
to accept the faith that..people have their choice..
either they want to stay..or leave it is on their 
hands not fact one also will be the 
one who leave the others..and you dont even realizes it.
so starts from now..try to make yourself..accept
what have come and just let things go..if it want it 
that way..i always hope that love and friendships never parents love..but it will only happened in dreams..

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