Thursday, October 3, 2013

assalmualaikum are you?
terasa lama sangat..duduk kat kolej ni..
honestly..i miss my mum and dad..hurm..
but then..what can i do..baru2 dad
said that..he miss me..thats why he call me..
yess..miss you too ayah..:') be honest..
tiba2 kat sini ada banyak sangat konflik..
yang i dont know where it comes from..
and me..try hard to keep it away from me..
so that it will not effect me..pelajaran? far..
its under just sometime..saya
sedikit kecewa dengan kesilapan sendiri..
and now..i try to finish my
soon as i can..and will be fine..
and you..thanks for the wish..'bittaufiq wannajah'
and i wish the same for you..insyaallah..
suddenly all the pain..has gone..sometime..
maybe we need someone to give us aspire
so that we will feel better..walaupun orang tu
tak tahu pun effect dari ucapan
the conclusion..keep saying a good thing to 
people..because sometimes..the simple wish could
change people's mode..have a nice day..

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