Wednesday, October 30, 2013

asalamkum are you?
me?alhamdulillah..have you ever heard 
people said that 'sometimes you just miss
the memories not the person'..hmm..
what your opinion about that?..for me..
i thinks i miss the person more that the memories..
why?hmm..because..i think the person is the one
who create the why should we
miss the memories..the person is the one we should miss.
so keep in your mind..just miss the person..
not the memories..memories can always be created ..
but the never have the opportunity
to create the person because he / she  is belong
to ALLAH SWT..and i have about 1 week to
go before i started my final exam..and my plan 
for the coming holiday seasons not going 
to do part time job for this going to
get car license..insyaallah..pray for me guys..and
also pray for my final exam..try to do better for this 
semester..and not to forget..i have an awesome 
classmate this semester which is 99% is girls..
so i have many girlfriend this semester and one boy.. is not about where you stand..its about..
how you manage to be there..:)..have a nice day guys.

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