Thursday, September 26, 2013

asalamkum..hai..dah lama tak tulis kat sini..
actually i got no idea about what to wrote
here..saya agak tertekan sebenarnya..banyak
sangat kerja , masalah , dan perkara yang
sewaktu dengannya..haiishh...kadang-kadang
rindu zaman sekolah dulu..rasa lebih free..yelaa
time tu kawan-kawan semua gila-gila..our parent
will always said that..the past will always be the 
past and never come again..even my dad also used to tell
me that he miss his childhood time..but it never come back..
trying to enjoy what i have here...without speaks out
what actually i feel..when thing get hard..really hard.
i dont know who should i be and what should i do..
sometimes..and also i have a good friend here..
alhamdulillah..and i learnt one important things..
your friend comes from many types of attitude..
even yourself also sometimes look weird from if you want to be with the person that 
you like..just accept whatever he or she did..
because people are unique..and they are totally
different from you..and also from others..and also 
one more thing..people will come and go..just like 
that in our,if they prefer to be with you..
please comfort them..and if not..let them go..:)
p/s : business IT test tomorrow..may ALLAH bless..insyaalllah..

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