Thursday, July 11, 2013

i have been quite for so long

asalamkum wrh..hai..after a long holiday.. am at kpmsi..again..nothing
much to be told..but..this semester i got
99.99 percent of girls in my class..i just
i little bit shock at first but then.after a week
it become so nice to have only our 'kaum'
in the class..accept one male..called 
kamal ikhwan..but its ok laa..hmm..but..
to be honest..i miss my old classmate..maybe
our 'jodoh' just for one semester..its ok laa..
at least..we have our memory here...and it 
still remain as a good memory to be
remembered..actually..when i continue my 
third semester sudden i have lost
all the person that i used to share everything..
i dont know where have he be honest..
it quite lonely to not have you here..but..
i used to make myself 'kuat' even i know..
im not that much 'kuat'..ALLAH will lead
if it is the best for me..maybe it just the way..
to not make our heart feeling disturbed by 
all the memories that can and just suddenly 
wipe out by the we are nothing..

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