Friday, July 12, 2013

but it only just a dream

asalamkum wrh..hmm..actually last week
i have got a dream..a dream that i never
forget until now..and it still remain in my mind..
and i also dont know what the reason is..
in that dream..i just met a person that i never
meet since i leave school life..i mean..
my 'smkbsp' laa..i am bandarian and thats
the fact..when i meet him..he said that..
it was maybe our last meet..because..he
will 'bertunang' with someone else..that
i dont know..because..i have no been told 
even in that dream..hmm...i dont know..what
is my feeling about that dream..but..i just wanna
share..if it will become true..then..have a good 
life friend..and if not..i just have to keep not
thinking too much about the dream..because
drean sometime just like a wind..come and go..

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