Friday, May 17, 2013

asalamkum..yeah..after a very long time..
leaving and so home..
already finish my final exam...huhu..
and i result will be more better
than last semester..hmm..sekarang baru 
ada feel sikit nak a lot
to say but i dont know if saya mampu..hmm..
first of all..dear not good enough 
to take care of your feeling and as time passed
it getting worst..and i dont have solution for it
i let you go and choose your way..and hope 
you have a happy life..insyaallah..sometimes..
maybe you should let go the person that you
love..because it might be a good step for 
you and the way..thanks for being a 
good friend all this heart feeling
okay..hehe..i just want to have a happy life and
have a good friends and have peace..hopefully.. im home..and i hope as time passed..
everything will be okay..and the worst getting more
better..insyallah..and for my girls..lets have girls's day 
out..see you soon..:)..
p/s:if you love me..please let me be free..:)

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