Monday, November 12, 2012

i remember the message dont worry :)

asalamkum..hai..suddendly..feel like..
want to wrote something..i dont know..
whether i should or not..getting the same
message a lot of time..the message that 
always make me dont know..what i actually 
feel..sad..i know that i should not..but..i dont
know..yes i dont know..maybe i should learnt
to understand others feeling than my own feeling..
maybe saya terlalu pentingkan perasaan sendiri kan..
hmm..entahlaa..i leave my facebook..and i actually
dont know why..i did that..i know..i feel something
but i dont know..what feeling it is..and please..
dont asked me..i dont know..i wish i was strong..:)
have a nice day..asalamkum wrh..sometimes..
it might really hurt to accept..but we have to 
understand yes really understand others feeling..

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