Thursday, September 13, 2012


asalamkum..hai..semalam tido awal sangat..
sebab stress..hehe..btw..tido boleh mengelakkan
stress..agaknya laa..:) are you??harapnya
sihat la eh..:)..harini saya pergi kelas macam biasa
dan honestly..saya tak dapat kawal segala kemarahan
saya harini..i dont know why..hey girls..please forgive
me..if it has been out of control..i really cant handle it..
:)) can i make everything become just like usual..
is it really hard??but how it become this hard??apa
salah saya??dear friend..i miss you..yes i miss you..
for a long time..after you go to rahmatullah..:'((..
just hope to have you with me again..make me feel
better..again..listen to all those thing..all my fairytale..
i miss you...:'((( al-fatihah...

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