Sunday, August 5, 2012

sometimes tears speaks more that words

asalamkum..hai..i just dont know what to write here.
becoz..i dont know..what was in my mind..just now..
segala benda terjadi dalam satu masa..and its happend
when i was very far from my friends..
and its make the tears..keeps falling will never never know..what i feel..untill one day..
you are at my place and feels the
know what..when someone hurt your will
always feel the pain..walaupun apa yang nak jadi
dah pun jadi..i dont angry..but that thing always come 
to my mind..i dont know why..thats my wrong..
yes..its my i feel so down..yes..
i am lying here..becoz actually i dont know..
what happend deep in my heart..thanks for reading

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