Saturday, August 11, 2012


i want to say a good news..i fall in love
==! what the ...??haha..ok fine..its not 
really a good news..i wanna say..that im 
happy to be at im at home..
so if someone wanna come to visit me..
here you are..with the big heart i welcome.. just have to inform me ok..i miss you..
who??someone laa..:PP..i have something to
remind you..if you think cant fulfill
your promise..please dont make a promise..
just tell me will that..if...
you 'langgar perjanjian google cakap..hit the
agreement=='..macam tak betol je..hihi..
saya budak baru belajar' will not..
make me feel..arrrghhh!!i hate you..heheh..
ok fine..its not good...second..if you think
you are perfect enough..please dont simply
jugde people like they dont have feeling..
just mind on your own business..ok..easy..
third..please find a nice way to give advice
to someone..because if you give the advice
in the wrong will make people..really2..
hate is please behave yourself.
when you give an advice..because i know..
you are well-intentioned..but it must happend..
in a nice way..thats all for now..if you like
it..just follow..if you may leave..
because people just love to accept the praise
not an advice..take it or leave it..:)

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