Friday, August 10, 2012

a lot of question with no answer are you guys??honestly..
i miss you..:)..but i have to be face
the gap..just wanna tell you something..i fall
in love with ainan tasnim when she sing 
'aku suka dia' song..hehhe..dont know why..
maybe..i used to feel the same way..but now,?
now what??i dont know..yes..i dont know..:P
my life at kpmsi so far so good..alhamdulillah..
although..there's a bit probs..with my roomate..
but actually..i really hope..everything is going to
be fine..sometimes..i asked myself..who i am 
actually??the answer that i got is..i am nothing..
why so suddent??a lot of thing in my mind..
why so a lot..?because im thinking too much..
the thing that i afraid to happend..already make me feel more frighten..can
you please promise me..dont do it again??
i dont know why..i never forget what had happend..:)

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