Sunday, July 29, 2012

miss donats

aslmkum..hai..actually dont know what to post
here..just miss my miss donats here..the one who always
in happy mood..but now all suddenly changes..
why??becoz..we im stress..about here.
but it still under control..hopefully it will be under
my control the end..till i got my diploma..amin 
insyaallah..till now..i still cannot find a friend..
just like my old friends at my school before..
but so far..i have a good friends..who always 
with me..only..:PP..but the one that always make
me feel miserable is..internet connection here..
is not that i cannot always update with miss
donats..but i will try to make least one day a week..
thats all for now..till we meet again..have a nice day.:)

p/s:if we will make us dont get angry..

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