Wednesday, June 13, 2012


asalamkum..hai..for a long time..i was missing..
in my own im back*cewah saja suka 
buat terok..hehhee..ok..actually im not going anywhere..
just sitting in my own learnt about myself
i just wanna know..who i am..and what i want..:)
so now..i just feeling a little bit stress when
i just sitting alone at home..when everybody has gone
to catch their dream..i just wanna have a good life 
after this..i just want a better that
i will learnt how to live alone without the love ones..:)
i just wish the one that i love will never forget me..
becoz they will always in my hearbeat...hehehe..
ok..ayat saya malam ni semuanya berbunga2..hehe..
ada sapa2 nak kasi bunga tak?hehhe..saya nak bunga??
emm apa yaa..apa2 je laa..yang penting wangi..hehehe..
ok for all my of luck yaa..miss you guys!!

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