Friday, December 16, 2011

this innocent is brilliant!!fikiran bercelaru
dengan pelbagai berita yang sangat tidak
menyenangkan dua tiga hari ni..haiishh!!
what should i do eh??should i just..=="
yes i admit..i just cant do that..dont
fool yourself not that fool laa..
but you know that sometime..your heart
tell you that you should do that..but your 
body said that you cant..!!so how??i just cant 
make the decision now..just becoz masih awal
untuk kita jangkakan apa yang bakal berlaku
dan perkara yang sudah lepas memang kita harus
biarkan ia berlalu..just let the flow bring them 
far away from me..))..and i hope so..
i just cant even forget about how i cant 
forgive you becoz of that??actually im sad..
when i know about that,,but i just cant be there
the place where you used to cry and tell whatever
you just our just my past..
we cant change the past..but we can make a new
beginning with more dream and hope..yes..i hope so..

p/s:hope to talk with you tonight..i miss you
very much syg..:'(

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