Tuesday, October 4, 2011

saya nak ego macam tu jugak!!=='

aslmkum..ai all..how are you??
hope you all..have a very nice day yaa..:)
now i still enjoying my day..and..
i think..this is our last journey together..
and for you..thanks..for being a good friend
for me all this time..i dont think i can
survive without you..nothing can change the past..
but the future??..nobodys know..
whats going to happend..im not regreting..
for every single time..i spend with you..
for every memorable time i shared with you..
hope you'll have a peace in your life..

for dino and najmi..thanks for..
teman saya dan anys pergi breakfast..
hahaha..!!i think two of you are so baik hati laa..
:PP..but anys yang paling seronok i guess..
dia naik moto baru..!!mummy..(buat muka kesian ni!!)
boleh tak kalau saya pun nak moto baru jugak...:PP..
gedik laa kau..hahaha!!XD

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