Wednesday, October 19, 2011

you always know that right..
i hope so..suddenly i feel 
really sad..i admit that..
people can say anything that they want.
we will listen and judge it..mereka 
berkata berdasarkan..apa yang mereka
nampak..orang yang melihat kita akan menilai 
kita..itu adat dunia..tapi saya sedih..bila
apa yang mereka cakap tu..memang
sedang berlaku..i dont wanna be the
one who always want you to be like that
and like not that person..i dont want to
be the one who always control whatever 
you want to have right to decide
whatever you not angry at you..
not at will never happend..
good luck for your spm..hope you will succes.
honestly..imy..a lot..:')

p/s:if you read this...i hope you dont worry 
about me..i'll be fine..when new day comes..
everything will be fine..ily..:)

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